Digital Marketing

From a Macroscopic level, digital marketing is advertising through highly engaging digital channels such as websites, email, mobile apps, search engines,  and social media.
From a Microscopic Level, this is what we offer in Digital Marketing:

Pay Per Click (PPC)

PPC Advertising or Paid Search are sponsored ads that you see when search engines display search results. You can design when to display your ads, i.e. ads targeting a particular audience. In Short, you pay only when your Ad is clicked.
Whats the benefit of PPC Ads? They are visible, flexible and work perfectly for any type of organizations. There are contextual ads visible when a person searches for particular keywords or a term.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

You always hear “You can’t find a Needle in a Haystack”. What if we say You Can? You can, if you have a really powerful magnet and work systematically. SEO helps to place such magnets in your website content in the form of specific set of keywords. These keywords work systematically, ultimately attracting traffic to your website eventually leading to business.

SEO forms the base for good digital marketing. A well-structured website, with good engaging content will increase your website’s credibility so that other websites and individuals recommend you by giving back links or mentioning you on social media.

Email Marketing

How many times do you check your emails in an hour? Yes, even after two decades, Email marketing is the most direct and the quickest way to reach customers. Cleverly designed email campaigns that are engaging and entertaining, prove to be a great success, both for Business and Brand Recall.

Emails should be strategically designed and should contain relevant information that is coordinated across different channels.

That’s where we come. With extensive experience in designing emails for different clients across varied industries, we keep the customers engaged and bring the customers to your door. All they need is a small push (PPC) and the sale is yours.